Monday, 2 December 2019

Guy honored at Quebec's National Assembly; also, Nick Cousins shows his appreciation

Last Wednesday, Guy was honored by Quebec's National Assembly with a rousing round of applause.  Marquette Member of National Assembly Enrico Ciccone -- also a Habs alumnus -- invited Guy to the Assembly to receive the honor.  

Said Ciccone, 

"Guy has not only had an exemplary professional career, but he is also an exceptional guy who is appreciated by everyone. He was the idol for many young people in Quebec because of his talent and determination. I am very proud that he accepted my invitation to come to the National Assembly so that we can highlight his contribution to Quebec society." (link)

(image source:  Twitter/@EnricoCiccone)

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It was a no-brainer for current Habs player Nick Cousins -- who, like Guy, wears number 21 -- when it came time to decide which past Habs captain to play tribute to at the Captains Reunion on December 3.

"It was cool to see him the other night, going to the Hall of Fame. He played here for [13] years. He was a great player. He won three Selke Trophies," said Cousins.  "He's a legend in Montreal Canadiens history."  (link)

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