Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Another of Guy's jerseys hits the auction block

(image source:'s current auction has a Carbo game-worn jersey up for bids.  It is a road Dallas Stars gamer from the 1999-2000 season (the final season of Guy's career).  It is a 1st set jersey and has a lot of game wear.  It comes with a Dallas Stars team letter.

The current bid is $322.10 USD and the auction closes on December 6 at 10:00 PM EDT.  It will be interesting to see what this jersey goes for with Guy now in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

You can find the jersey here


  1. I just won this one! If you'd like more photos, let me know and I'll take them when it comes in. :-)

    1. Congratulations! It's a great jersey. :) I would love to see more photos!

    2. Finally arrived, here you go! Two repairs on it.

    3. Great jersey! Congrats again! Thank you for sharing!