Sunday, 23 September 2018

The bird

Let me start by saying that I really struggled with whether to post this photo.  It is not one of Guy's greatest moments, for sure, but it is part of his history.

After nearly 25 years, the infamous Carbo "finger photo" has once again seen the light of day.  I found it a few weeks ago in a Google search and then subsequently found it on Twitter.  The photo was taken on May 2, 1994, three days after the Habs were eliminated from the playoffs by the Boston Bruins in seven games.  

It appeared on the front page of Le Journal de Montreal on the following morning, May 3.  It is said that the photo is one of the main reasons why Guy was traded from the Canadiens to St. Louis three months later.  The player to the right of Guy in the photo is Vincent Damphousse.

(image source:  Twitter/@photoshistos)

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