Tuesday, 5 June 2018

A nice little article about Carbo; plus, some new items hit the auction block

Last week, the Montreal Gazette published an article by Stu Cowan, about Guy being the last Canadiens captain -- and indeed, the last captain of a Canadian team -- to hoist the Stanley Cup.  Carbo had this to say about the pressure to win in Montreal versus that of later on in his career with Dallas:

Carbonneau doesn’t buy the pressure of playing in Montreal as an excuse for the Canadiens’ lack of success in recent years, saying there was also a lot of pressure to win in Dallas.
“Was it easier at the start? Yeah,” Carbonneau said about playing for the Stars. “But once we got going and (GM Bob Gainey) built a franchise that could win, the pressure to perform was there. Obviously, you could hide a little bit there, but you can do that here, too. I tell people: ‘You think that (Sharks stars) Brent Burns and Joe Thornton grow their beards not to be recognized in San Jose?’ I mean, come on.
“When things are good and you’re scoring lots and you’re getting points and the team is winning, everybody wants to be seen,” Carbonneau added about the players. “Everybody wants to go in the bars and be happy, go to the restaurants and everybody’s laughing. But all of a sudden when it’s not going well, now they want to hide? Or they’re bitching because they can’t hide? It doesn’t work.” 

 You can read the full article here.

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Some interesting memorabilia items have appeared on the auction block recently.  Classic Auctions has Guy's goal puck plaque from his first NHL hat trick, here.  The current bid is $393.00 USD and the auction closes at 9:00 PM EDT on Tuesday, June 19.

Also, the goal puck plaque from Guy's first ever NHL goal has appeared on eBay, here.  At $2500 USD it's a bit too rich for my blood but it's a marvelous item.  Oh, if only I could win the lottery...