Saturday, 30 January 2016

Carbo on the Habs' recent woes; and his Stanley Cup skates hit the auction block

The wheels have fallen off the Montreal Canadiens' season, and Guy has some things to say about it, having been fired in 2009 when the Habs' fortunes went downward.  From the Montreal Gazette, when asked if he has any advice for head coach Michel Therrien:

“It doesn’t matter what kind of advice somebody would give him. You’re in this by yourself. You’re surrounded by people that you trust. His assistant coaches and his GM and the owners, the players — and that’s pretty much the bubble that he lives in right now. He’s got people around him, a girlfriend and the kids that love him and always support him.”

And Guy's thoughts on coaching:

“It’s like raising a family,” Carbonneau said. “Before, coaches were paid to coach. Now, they’re paid to babysit, to be a father, a mother, a coach, a psychiatrist, a psychologist. They have to deal with the media, they have to deal with the fans … it’s not an easy thing.”
The full interview can be read here.

Finally, switching gears:  Classic Auctions' Winter 2016 auction is now online, with a fantastic pair of Guy's skates -- the ones he wore when he hoisted the Stanley Cup with Montreal on June 9, 1993.  These skates have tons of wear and have been photomatched.  The current bid is $220, and you can view them (and bid) here.

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