Monday, 4 May 2015

Guy on Montreal's playoff chances

The Montreal Canadiens are currently in Round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs against Tampa Bay.  Guy was asked by Sportsnet about his former team's chances, and here's what he had to say:

I always say in the playoffs it’s goaltending and defence that wins. There’s nobody left in the playoffs as good as Carey [Price], but you never know. Every time you win a series, it just gets harder. I expect this to be a really good series. Tampa is a team that can score a lot of goals. Not as good defensively as the Canadiens, though. [Ben] Bishop just won his first series in the NHL on Wednesday.
It’s hard to say who Carey reminds me of. Every goalie has their own little things. Patrick [Roy] came in not as well announced as Carey. There was no question Carey was going to be a star, and he proved at the Olympics he was part of the elite. Now he’s just carried that on to this season. From Day 1, you saw he had something.
Montreal is not a team that scores a lot of goals—they’ve been that way all year. They rely on defence and goaltending, and that’s not going to change. No one guy is going to score eight or nine in a series. Especially against a quick team like Tampa with so many skilled players who like to carry the puck and make plays, they’ll have to rely on defence. Their concentration will have to be strong, and Carey will have to be really good.
I’m kinda torn. I want the Canadiens to win but my son-in-law, Brenden Morrow, plays for Tampa. I’m going to Montreal. The only game I’ll miss live is [Game 1]. I’ll be here in Toronto, but after that I’ll be watching live. Tampa has done well against the Canadiens all year, so they’re definitely approaching this series with a lot of confidence, but playoffs is a whole different season.


Hope all of you are enjoying the playoffs!

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