Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Hall of Fame, and Brenden Morrow's future

Today was "Annual Lisa Gets Annoyed Day," otherwise known as Hockey Hall of Fame selection day.  And in usual fashion, the HHOF selection committee didn't fail to disappoint.  With all due respect to this year's inductees, when is Guy going to get the call?  This was his 11th year of eligibility, and once again he has been overlooked.  Then again, this is also the committee who failed to do the right thing a few years ago and induct a deserving builder, Pat Burns, while he was still alive to be able to enjoy it, so I have no expectations where they are concerned.

However, Guy himself is happy to see his former Habs teammate and co-captain Chris Chelios make the cut:
(Translated from French)  "I am very very happy. There was no doubt that Chris Chelios, when he would have a chance to enter the Hall of Fame, he would do so. He had an extraordinary career.  It is not every day that a guy plays 24 years in the National Hockey League. He fully deserves the honour. 
"The fact that he finished his career in Detroit certainly helped.  Detroit has always been a mainstay in the National Hockey League, a team that is always there to win, and supports young talent.  In his later years, he knew he was going to play less often, but he always gave the same effort."  

But Guy was also disappointed to see his former coach, the late Pat Burns, overlooked:
"He has the numbers, titles, everything it takes to be elected.  The sooner he enters the Hall, the better."

As for his own Hall of Fame expectations:
"Your ultimate dream is to lift the Stanley Cup. The Hall of Fame is one of the dreams of any player, but I'm still young!"  (source)

* * *

Also, Guy has revealed that his son-in-law Brenden Morrow has interest in playing for the Canadiens:
(Translated from French)  "He did not veto playing for the Canadiens.  There have been many movements in recent days. There are teams that are interested in his services, there are others that are less so, but there are teams who were surprised to see the interest Brenden has for them.  I really think the Canadiens were surprised that he was open to the idea of ​​playing in Montreal.  Now, only time will tell if they are interested or not."
On the prospect of daughter Anne-Marie returning to Montreal:
"They liked Dallas. They now have to turn the page.  Brenden and the children are eager to know where he'll end his career."  (source)

* * *

Finally, here is a photo from a charity softball game Guy participated in recently with the Habs alumni:

(image source:  canoe.ca)

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