Friday, 5 July 2013

Guy to coach in Israel...and OT: farewell, Daniel Alfredsson

Mike Keenan was originally slated to coach the Maccabi Canada men's hockey team, but has been forced to bow out due to family medical issues.  Guy will be replacing him at the Maccabi Games in Metula, Israel which take place from July 16 to July 31.  We wish him and the team the best of luck!  (link)

And in a stunning turn of events, the longtime captain of my team, the Ottawa Senators -- Daniel Alfredsson -- has left us for Detroit, hoping for the chance to win a Stanley Cup before he retires.  Can't say as I blame him, but I'm left once again reaching into my Byrds/Gene Clark fandom to find words for what I can't express.  Probably silly, but here it is.

(Clark, with slight lyric modifications by yours truly)

"Tried So Hard"
Stopped awhile this morning on our way back home 
We had to realize this time that we'd be all alone 
Cause he is moving somewhere far away not slow 
And though we tried so hard to please him
He said he really had to go
Even though this time it really hurts us bad
We've been through similarities
It's not the first break we've had
And we just can't let it bring us down too low
And though we tried so hard to please him
There must be something more to know
Never thought that we would find our end this way
It seemed that everything was going fine
Still with all the things that we can do or say
It won't change the fate we know so well is ours

So we'll stop again and look right past the pain
Cause we've been in love before and we can love again
While he is moving somewhere far away not slow
And though we tried so hard to please him
He said he really had to go...

And the original:

Finally, to coincide with my previous post about Super Dave, I have found a "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" style connection between Guy and the Super One.  Featured in a 1990 episode of Super Dave was renowned Quebec impressionist Andre Philippe Gagnon, whose music video for "La Canada" featured...Guy!  (look for him at around the 1:28 mark)  And that's only 3 degrees!

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