Thursday, 7 March 2013

Why Guy will never speak to Bob Gainey again

In an interview with the Quebec English newspaper The Suburb, just published, Carbo had this to say about his former friend and linemate and former Habs GM Bob Gainey:  "No I do not talk to him.  I still think that if we were good friends he would have told me the truth when he fired me.  I still do not understand what happened.  Whenever I am around him now, it is very awkward.  I am not a kid anymore.  I could have handled the truth."

Also in the interview:  Guy was interviewed for the Habs head coaching position last spring but was not surprised to see Michel Therrien land the job.  He would only consider going elsewhere -- as a head coach or assistant -- if it was the right fit.  Also revealed:  Guy gives a lot of his time to charity.  "Just before Christmas I went down to the Old Brewery Mission to serve dinner.  It was an awesome experience.  Most of the men lined up were hockey fans.  They remembered me playing.  I feel for those people.  They all had jobs and families at one time.  Now they have lost it all."  (link / article found on page 52)

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