Monday, 4 March 2013

The $650 Carbonneau gamer that broke my heart

Allow me to share the story of a jersey that crushed my soul.

(image source:  Classic Auctions)

Before I finally did obtain my grail last winter, there was this jersey.  It came up in the spring 2009 Classic Auction.  Bidding on this jersey was slow, and I surmise that was because of the huge personalized autograph on the front, something that collectors tend to avoid.  Alas, I was without a job at the time, and had I had the money, this jersey would've been within my reach.  Some friends (God bless 'em), attempted to pool together some cash for me to buy it, but in the end we came up short.  Heartbreaking.

The jersey sold (before hammer fee and shipping) at just below $650.  If you know anything about Carbonneau game-worn jerseys, you'll know that this is absolute highway robbery for one of his gamers.

Now, for something I do own, which I don't believe I've ever shown on this blog:

I've had these for a few years.  They're shinguards that Guy wore in the 1996-97 season with the Dallas Stars.  (My cat Henry really wanted to get into the picture, apparently he loves Carbo too.)  I bought these from someone who had acquired them at a Stars equipment sale.  To me they're cool because Guy was known for blocking shots, and how can you block shots without shin protection?

The shinguards are also marked with his number 21.  

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