Thursday, 21 March 2013

Roundup of the Stars honoring Guy, as well as Guy's thoughts on the current Habs

As noted previously, Guy was honored on Monday as part of the Dallas Stars 20th Anniversary Team.  Here is the handout photo that was given out at the game:

And here are some pics from the Stars' big screen.

(photo credit:  Badger, who is a big Brenden Morrow fan -- Twitter @IamMORROW)

And here's Guy taking a bow!  (photo credit:  Twitter @DustinDietz18)

Finally, here's a link to Guy's tribute video, which is also most excellent.  And finally, I have to give Badger another shoutout because I now have (or will have) the Carbo handout photo!  How awesome!

* * * 
Also, the Montreal Gazette recently published Guy's thoughts on the new-look Habs:

Guy Carbonneau, the last coach to lead the Canadiens to a first-place finish in the Eastern Conference, likes what he sees from this year’s team.
“It’s been a 360 and they’re surprising everybody … it’s fun,” Carbonneau said when I spoke with him recently. “I always say that everything starts from the top, and from the time Geoff Molson got here … asking Serge Savard to get involved and then the hiring of Marc Bergevin (as GM). From there, there’s a big, big change.”
Carbonneau led the Canadiens to a first-place finish in the Eastern Conference in 2007-08 with a 47-25-10 record before losing to the Philadelphia Flyers in five games in the conference semifinals. The Canadiens also led the NHL in scoring that season with 262 goals and were a lot of fun to watch.
Carbonneau was fired the following season after 66 games when the Canadiens had a 35-24-7 record.
I asked Carbonneau what he thought about new coach Michel Therrien’s system.
“When everybody works and goaltending is strong, every system works,” Carbonneau said.
“Time will tell,” he added. “I thought when Guy Boucher came into the league with a new system (in Tampa Bay) everybody kind of got excited. But the ability of NHL players – the best players in the world to adapt – is unbelievable.”
Carbonneau says he’d like to coach again in the NHL, and with an overall coaching record of 124-83-23 it’s surprising he hasn’t been given another shot.
 “Obviously, it’s been four years so it would have to be somebody that really saw what I did in the past and are willing to give me a chance,” said Carbonneau, who met with Bergevin about the vacant Canadiens job last summer before Therrien was hired. “I think people know that I’m still there and I’d like to get back into it. But I have a good life here in Montreal and if something happens then we’ll look at it.” (link)

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