Sunday, 24 March 2013

Breaking news

which doesn't have to do with Guy directly, but is related.

Son-in-law Brenden Morrow has agreed to waive his no-trade clause to go to the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for a package that includes defenseman Joe Morrow (Morrow for Morrow, ha!).


Saturday, 23 March 2013

Some marvelous Carbo media

First off, an intermission interview with Stars broadcaster Daryl Reaugh from Monday night, when Guy was honored as part of the Stars' 20th Anniversary team.  I'm not able to embed it here for whatever reason but here is the link.

Also, Guy on CHOM Radio in Montreal on Thursday.  The link to that is here.  Very cute at the end when the other (female) interviewer admits her crush on Guy and asks him about his ties!

Hopefully these will make up for my missing Flashback Friday!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Roundup of the Stars honoring Guy, as well as Guy's thoughts on the current Habs

As noted previously, Guy was honored on Monday as part of the Dallas Stars 20th Anniversary Team.  Here is the handout photo that was given out at the game:

And here are some pics from the Stars' big screen.

(photo credit:  Badger, who is a big Brenden Morrow fan -- Twitter @IamMORROW)

And here's Guy taking a bow!  (photo credit:  Twitter @DustinDietz18)

Finally, here's a link to Guy's tribute video, which is also most excellent.  And finally, I have to give Badger another shoutout because I now have (or will have) the Carbo handout photo!  How awesome!

* * * 
Also, the Montreal Gazette recently published Guy's thoughts on the new-look Habs:

Guy Carbonneau, the last coach to lead the Canadiens to a first-place finish in the Eastern Conference, likes what he sees from this year’s team.
“It’s been a 360 and they’re surprising everybody … it’s fun,” Carbonneau said when I spoke with him recently. “I always say that everything starts from the top, and from the time Geoff Molson got here … asking Serge Savard to get involved and then the hiring of Marc Bergevin (as GM). From there, there’s a big, big change.”
Carbonneau led the Canadiens to a first-place finish in the Eastern Conference in 2007-08 with a 47-25-10 record before losing to the Philadelphia Flyers in five games in the conference semifinals. The Canadiens also led the NHL in scoring that season with 262 goals and were a lot of fun to watch.
Carbonneau was fired the following season after 66 games when the Canadiens had a 35-24-7 record.
I asked Carbonneau what he thought about new coach Michel Therrien’s system.
“When everybody works and goaltending is strong, every system works,” Carbonneau said.
“Time will tell,” he added. “I thought when Guy Boucher came into the league with a new system (in Tampa Bay) everybody kind of got excited. But the ability of NHL players – the best players in the world to adapt – is unbelievable.”
Carbonneau says he’d like to coach again in the NHL, and with an overall coaching record of 124-83-23 it’s surprising he hasn’t been given another shot.
 “Obviously, it’s been four years so it would have to be somebody that really saw what I did in the past and are willing to give me a chance,” said Carbonneau, who met with Bergevin about the vacant Canadiens job last summer before Therrien was hired. “I think people know that I’m still there and I’d like to get back into it. But I have a good life here in Montreal and if something happens then we’ll look at it.” (link)

Monday, 18 March 2013

Bonne fete, Guy!

53 years ago today, in the Northern Quebec town of Sept-Iles, a legend was born.

Happy birthday Guy, and here's to many more.  So fitting that the Stars are honoring you tonight.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Guy being honored by Dallas Stars tomorrow

Just a note to let everyone know that Guy is being honored by the Dallas Stars tomorrow as part of the 20th anniversary team.  He will be present in Dallas at the game.

Tomorrow is also his 53rd birthday.

Way to go, Stars.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Flashback Friday #2: La Petite Vie, 1994

In 1994, after winning the Stanley Cup with the Habs, Guy appeared on the Quebec comedy show La Petite Vie.  Can't understand a word of it, but he's a pretty good actor from the looks of it:

Background on La Petite Vie:  It first began as a sketch of the Quebec comedy duo Ding et Dong, formed by Claude Meunier and Serge Theriault, and aired on Radio-Canada (the French language arm of the CBC) from 1993 to 1999.  To date, it is the only Canadian TV series (of either language) to gather more than 4 million viewers, which happened twice in 1995.  It also holds a Guinness World Record for the highest market share ever achieved by a single television program.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Errata and news

First of all, a few corrections to recent posts.

As it turns out, the Brenden Morrow handout photo wasn't misspelled after all -- it just was on the version the Stars posted on their Facebook page.  Not sure why.  The proof's in the pudding:

(Photo source:  Twitter /@IamMORROW)

Secondly, Carbo will not be playing in the Face a Face Celebrites tourney on April 7 at the Bell Centre.  He's actually one of the coaches, coaching the Red team against Mario Tremblay.  

(Photo source:  CKOI)

Earlier this week, Guy held a hockey clinic for Atom and Bantam players in Kahnawake, Quebec as part of the Playground Poker Hat Trick series.  He returned to the ice today to work with the players.  (link)

And finally, Guy will be participating in a pro hockey experience in Sarasota and Ellenton, Florida from May 2 to 6 of this year.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Flashback Friday #1: Guy in sunglasses ad, 1988

Welcome to the inaugural installment of Flashback Friday.  Idea shamelessly stolen from the Dallas Stars, this is where I share Guy tidbits from the past.

First up, Guy in a sunglasses ad from 1988!

You'll have to pardon my lack of a scanner, but this is the ad as taken from the January/February 1989 issue of Les Canadiens magazine.  Carbo is looking pretty dapper!

Stay tuned for more of Guy from days gone by!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Why Guy will never speak to Bob Gainey again

In an interview with the Quebec English newspaper The Suburb, just published, Carbo had this to say about his former friend and linemate and former Habs GM Bob Gainey:  "No I do not talk to him.  I still think that if we were good friends he would have told me the truth when he fired me.  I still do not understand what happened.  Whenever I am around him now, it is very awkward.  I am not a kid anymore.  I could have handled the truth."

Also in the interview:  Guy was interviewed for the Habs head coaching position last spring but was not surprised to see Michel Therrien land the job.  He would only consider going elsewhere -- as a head coach or assistant -- if it was the right fit.  Also revealed:  Guy gives a lot of his time to charity.  "Just before Christmas I went down to the Old Brewery Mission to serve dinner.  It was an awesome experience.  Most of the men lined up were hockey fans.  They remembered me playing.  I feel for those people.  They all had jobs and families at one time.  Now they have lost it all."  (link / article found on page 52)

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Carbo on visors, & farewell to a Canadian icon

Scary injury to the Rangers' Marc Staal last night -- he took a slapshot right to the eye.  He is expected to make a full recovery, but his lack of a visor has once again ignited the debate about whether the NHL should make visors mandatory.  Here's what Carbo had to say about it:  when asked about it in 2000, he was against it, and said that it should be up to the players.  I'd be interested to know if his stance on the issue has changed any in the 13 years since then.  (link)

ETA:  On RDS Hockey 360 this evening, Guy commented that at the age of 18 years, a player can decide whether he wishes to wear a visor or not.  And there you have it -- no change in his opinion.

Also taking another small off-topic detour:

Stompin' Tom Connors, Canadian folk/country singer best known for "The Hockey Song" which is played in hockey arenas around the world, passed away today at the age of 77.  I'm an enormous fan -- my father and I were actually going to go see him live, but never got around to it.  Hard to believe that both Stompin' Tom and my father are now both gone.  He will be sorely missed.

Here's Stompin' Tom's performance of "The Hockey Song" at the NHL Awards in 2008.  This was the last year the awards were held in Toronto before the move to Las Vegas, and also the same year that Guy was nominated for the Jack Adams Award as best NHL head coach.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Carbo in Dallas & charity tourney

Carbo attended Stars practice in Dallas today.  Here he is with other Stars greats Jere Lehtinen, Stu Barnes, and Bob Bassen.

(image credit:  Twitter / @Razor5Hole (Daryl Reaugh)

Also, tickets are now on sale for the Face a Face Celebrites charity tourney in Montreal on April 7 at the Bell Centre, which benefits the Montreal Canadiens Children's Foundation.  Guy will be playing.  For ticket information and to purchase go here.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Guest post: "The Day I Was Recalled"

(written by my fiance Erik, with apologies to Don MacLean)

A long, long time ago
In a rink in Halifax
I can still remember
How if I tried my best
I could outskate all the rest
And I'd be called up for a while
But my opponents made me quiver
With every hipcheck they'd deliver
Just let them notice me
Let the phone call be for me
I can't remember if I bawled
The day I got my call
But something changed me deep inside
The day I was recalled.

That call, incidentally, came from the Canadiens in March 1981.  Just a little bit of humor that I found too good to not post.

The $650 Carbonneau gamer that broke my heart

Allow me to share the story of a jersey that crushed my soul.

(image source:  Classic Auctions)

Before I finally did obtain my grail last winter, there was this jersey.  It came up in the spring 2009 Classic Auction.  Bidding on this jersey was slow, and I surmise that was because of the huge personalized autograph on the front, something that collectors tend to avoid.  Alas, I was without a job at the time, and had I had the money, this jersey would've been within my reach.  Some friends (God bless 'em), attempted to pool together some cash for me to buy it, but in the end we came up short.  Heartbreaking.

The jersey sold (before hammer fee and shipping) at just below $650.  If you know anything about Carbonneau game-worn jerseys, you'll know that this is absolute highway robbery for one of his gamers.

Now, for something I do own, which I don't believe I've ever shown on this blog:

I've had these for a few years.  They're shinguards that Guy wore in the 1996-97 season with the Dallas Stars.  (My cat Henry really wanted to get into the picture, apparently he loves Carbo too.)  I bought these from someone who had acquired them at a Stars equipment sale.  To me they're cool because Guy was known for blocking shots, and how can you block shots without shin protection?

The shinguards are also marked with his number 21.  

Sunday, 3 March 2013

A new take on the HHOF's lack of action

...And we're back.  I've been dealing with some health issues of late and just haven't felt up to blogging, but I'm on the mend now, thankfully.  Also there has been little to no Carbo news to report.  He will be honored by the Dallas Stars as part of the 20th Anniversary All-Time Team in the near future, and as soon as that's announced, I'll post it up here.

I did, however, come across an interesting take on why HHOF voting results should continue to be kept secret.  It has to do with a study on status and premature death, oddly enough.  The article does sardonically mention the Hall of Fame's continued lack of action on inducting Guy, which is why it caught my attention.  You can read it here.

Also of note, Guy will be participating in a Hockey Helps the Homeless fundraiser on March 22 at the Sportplex 4 Glaces in Pierrefonds, Quebec.  All participants, no matter what their skill level, will get a chance to skate with NHL alumni -- including Guy -- that day.  Anyone interested in participating can sign up as a single player or as a team and must raise a minimum of $350 and cover his or her registration costs of $150, which includes a jersey.  Also participants must be a minimum of 19 years old to play.  For more information click here