Monday, 28 January 2013

Slice of the Ice update

Nearly two months ago, I posted about an item I'd added to my collecting wishlist -- the "Slice of the Ice" from the Stars' 1999 Stanley Cup win.  These things are harder to find than I'd anticipated -- scarce on eBay and everyone on Craigslist only wanted to sell locally.

Enter Mike, from Texas, who e-mailed me after seeing my blog post to tell me that he had one of these pieces and after reading my blog and seeing that it would have great meaning to me, offered to send it to me as a gift!

Wow.  I was rendered speechless!  

It arrived today so here it is displayed on my shelf:

It is a really cool piece -- it's heavy plexiglass and the melted ice from the Marine Midland Arena is encased inside the puck in the center.  (Also, that Leafs frame is all you'll see of the Leafs in my room -- it holds a signed photo of another of my favorites, Doug Gilmour.)

People amaze me sometimes, in a very good way.  Thanks so much, Mike!

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  1. You are very welcome, I hope you enjoy it.