Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The RDS crew off-duty

...or at least, watching the Canadiens in action while waiting to go on-air during intermission.

Left to right:  Benoit Brunet, Guy, and Alain CrĂȘte.  (photo source:  Twitter)

Carbo scores one of three fastest goals in Dallas history

On October 14, 1995, the Stars were trailing the Bruins by a score of 5-3.  At the very end of the game, three goals were scored -- by Kevin Hatcher, Mike Modano, and Guy -- to put the Stars in the lead.  These were the three fastest goals in Dallas Stars history, scored in 44 seconds.   Guy had just joined the team at that time, and he was certainly proving his worth.

The Stars "Flashback Friday" video channel has this moment archived.  Enjoy!

Monday, 28 January 2013

Slice of the Ice update

Nearly two months ago, I posted about an item I'd added to my collecting wishlist -- the "Slice of the Ice" from the Stars' 1999 Stanley Cup win.  These things are harder to find than I'd anticipated -- scarce on eBay and everyone on Craigslist only wanted to sell locally.

Enter Mike, from Texas, who e-mailed me after seeing my blog post to tell me that he had one of these pieces and after reading my blog and seeing that it would have great meaning to me, offered to send it to me as a gift!

Wow.  I was rendered speechless!  

It arrived today so here it is displayed on my shelf:

It is a really cool piece -- it's heavy plexiglass and the melted ice from the Marine Midland Arena is encased inside the puck in the center.  (Also, that Leafs frame is all you'll see of the Leafs in my room -- it holds a signed photo of another of my favorites, Doug Gilmour.)

People amaze me sometimes, in a very good way.  Thanks so much, Mike!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Giving a jersey its due

Aside from the gamer, I also have three Carbonneau replica jerseys.  I wanted to dedicate a post to one that I think is especially unique.

This is a replica of one of the jerseys Guy wore while playing junior hockey for the Chicoutimi Sagueneens in the 1970's.  I believe I picked it up on eBay in the spring of 2009.  It came from Singapore -- yeah, yeah, I know, knockoff jerseys and all that, but where are you going to find an official replica of a 1970's QMJHL jersey?  It also amazed me at the time that whoever replicated this thought to reproduce Guy's junior jersey.  I lovingly call it a tent, because it is absolutely huge on me (and I'm a big girl!)

Incidentally, this is Carbo's REAL Chicoutimi jersey:

(photo credit:  Classic Auctions)

So all in all, not a bad replica at all!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Carbo's sass, and the Dallas Stars All-Time Team

I'm sure some of my readers will remember Alex Kovalev's complaints about Guy to the Russian media back when Kovalev played for the Habs and Guy was coach.  Kovalev is now a member of the Florida Panthers, and prior to the Canadiens-Panthers matchup last night, Guy joked on RDS that Kovalev worked hard in practice, but played "one game out of three" for him.  And hence, I have coined a new nickname for Guy:  Sassonneau.

And in 2013, the Stars are celebrating 20 years in "The Big D," and what better way to celebrate than to have fans vote on an all-time Dallas Stars team?  Of course, being me, I voted to put Carbo and his son-in-law, Brenden Morrow, on the first forward line.  :)  You too can have your say in whether Guy makes the All-Time Team by voting here.  Voting ends February 6 -- vote as often as you can!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Coke bottle!

You may remember my post about the 1999 Dallas Stars commemorative Coke bottle.  Loyal blog reader James, from California, sent along this piece of Carbo/Stars history:

And no, I won't drink it, even though my cola-addicted self sometimes gets desperate when there's none of the stuff in the house.  ;)  Thanks so much, James!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

A Stanley Cup made of wood, and why Guy wasn't in tonight's ceremony

I wondered why Guy wasn't a part of the Habs' opening ceremony tonight (which, like all hockey ceremonies in Montreal, was extremely well done).  According to the Gazette's Dave Stubbs (via Twitter), he was invited but he's currently out of town.  And now you know.

Some recent news finds:

Given away on January 6 as part of a lottery fundraiser was a gorgeous Stanley Cup replica made of walnut and maple.  Guy's signature (along with those of other hockey greats), adorns the replica, which took about 140 hours to make.  

(photo credit:  L'Express)

On Friday, February 22, Guy is set to play in another Canadiens alumni game, at the Centre of Excellence in Boisbriand, QC.  The Habs alumni will square off against a group of business people and professionals, all to benefit the Fondation Autisme Laurentides.  Tickets cost $15 individually, $10 for two tickets or more, $50 for VIP tickets including cocktail and meeting with the players, and $75 for box seating which also includes  cocktail and meeting with the players.  Interested persons can contact Patrick at (450) 433-6084.  (Journal Le Nord)

And recently on the Canadiens blog Habs Eyes on the Prize, the readership was asked which Montreal Canadien wore the number 21 best.  Guy commanded 77% of the vote, which should come as no surprise.  Personally, I think #21 should be retired (sorry, Brian Gionta) but that's a debate for another day. 

Happy start of the 2013 season!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year.

It's 2013.

The actual anniversary isn't until June 9, but still:  Happy 20 years since Guy captained the Canadiens to their most recent Stanley Cup win (and the last Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup).