Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Some filler for the blog this afternoon -- about jerseys

For about as long as I've been a hockey fan I've been interested in jerseys.  The very first hockey jersey I ever owned was not a Carbo jersey, but a Cam Neely Bruins jersey when I was ten.  (The SECOND hockey jersey I ever owned was a Carbo jersey.  ;)  Uniform designs fascinate me -- after all, the most recognizable aspect of a team other than its logo, is the uniform its players wear.

Which is why I recently got to thinking about the uniforms Guy has worn over the years.  Of course, the Canadiens' jerseys are second to none -- they're the most time-tested design in the league.  I don't even need a photo to illustrate, as I'm sure everyone reading this blog is familiar with Montreal's uniform designs.

The uniform Guy wore during his year in St. Louis was certainly eye-catching:

And the '90s Stars uniforms are ones after my own heart.  Dallas' current jerseys leave a lot to be desired -- in fact, I think they're among the most boring designs in the entire league.  (And why do they have DALLAS across the front of the sweater?  What is this, basketball?)  The team is currently looking at a redesign of its uniforms (good!) but in the meantime, let's look back at its most classic design:

(photo by Brad Amodeo)
And then there's the AHL.  The Nova Scotia Voyageurs' color scheme was the same as its parent club, the Habs -- red, white, and blue (bleu, blanc, et rouge).  Here's a 21-year old Guy in a 1981 roster photo:

But what's the worst jersey Guy ever wore?  I thought about it and I decided that it had to be the Sagueneens' first jersey that the team wore after the QMJHL franchise was awarded to Chicoutimi in 1973, which Guy also wore during his first two seasons with the Sags (1976-77 and 1977-78).

Not a favorite of mine.  But regardless, it deserves respect because Chicoutimi brought it back as a special event jersey in the 2010-11 season to honor Guy's friend and partner on the Sagueneens management team (and also former Chicoutimi player), Gervais Munger, who passed away tragically in a boating accident in the summer of 2010.  Here's Guy at the unveiling:

For more on the fascinating subject of jerseys, I recommend this blog:  Third String Goalie

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