Saturday, 8 December 2012

An item added to my wishlist & a lockout quote

This piece of Dallas Stars Stanley Cup memorabilia was brought to my attention recently:

(photo source:  Dallas Craigslist)

It's a "slice of the ice" from the Stars' 1999 Stanley Cup win -- taken from the ice of the Marine Midland Arena (now the First Niagara Center) in Buffalo, New York after the Stars' victory.  This is entirely too fabulous to me -- the ice (okay, water) from Guy's final Stanley Cup win.  So I pretty much decided that I have to have one of these and am now on the hunt.  I'll keep everyone posted.  :)

EDIT:  This post is becoming a hodgepodge but I had to add this, because it pertains to the era when Guy was playing.  I'm sure some of you will remember NHL on Fox and the dreaded FoxTrax.  Yes, those hockey pucks with LED sensors that were designed to streak across your TV screen with comet trails and other such ridiculousness.  Long a thing of the past, and apparently now the pucks are prized collector's items.  Go figure.

And with talks between the NHL and its players' association again at a standstill, I saw a quote published on Twitter on Thursday (when the talks broke down) in regards to another retired player that resonated with me, so I'll paraphrase the adapted version here:  Today is a day when I'm glad that Guy Carbonneau is long retired, so I don't have to worry about the lockout ending his career.  So true, so true.  Like just about every other NHL fan, I'm beyond frustrated with this lockout.  I wish the two sides would stop pointing fingers at each other and just get it done already.  The fans deserve that much. 

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