Thursday, 8 November 2012

HHOF talk and Movember

I'd like to thank blog reader James for giving me a heads-up about this:  I haven't been watching TSN much these days due to the lockout but the other day the NHL on TSN crew did a special Quiz feature on players who should next make it into the Hockey Hall of Fame.  Said Michael Peca:

I'm going Carbonneau. We always talk about offensive numbers when it comes to the Hall of Fame, but some guys do just as much with the intangibles to help their teams win championships, and Carbonneau is a great example. You ask anybody from the teams he's won Stanley Cups with, they would tell you that he was as big a part of the team as anybody.  (link)

Way to go, Michael Peca!  Also of note is this Hockey News blog post from four years ago that I recently found, which also makes the case for Carbo.  As of 2013, Guy will have been HHOF eligible for ten years, and pardon my expression but it's bloody ridiculous -- induct him already.

It is also November and you know what that means -- men all over everywhere are growing facial hair in support of men's health.  Guy is once again taking up the cause this year, which means that it's time for the second annual State of the 'Stache.  His Mo was on display the other night on L' Antichambre on RDS:

It's still in the embryonic stages as you can see.   

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