Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Another game for charity, Carbo on divers, Sags management change, and a personal aside

  • Held last Saturday, the eighth annual CN Hockey Greatest Stars challenge raised $350,000 for charity.  Guy was on a Canadiens alumni team alongside players such as Stephane Richer and Patrice Brisebois, and was coached by Guy Lafleur.  The Marie-Vincent Foundation, the Ted Nolan Foundation, and Big Brothers Big Sisters (Canada and U.S.) will each receive $75,000.  The remaining money will be divided among beneficiaries in Canada and the United States.  (link)
  • Guy was on the bench during a playoff game in June 1989 when his teammate Claude Lemieux lay on the ice without a visit from trainer Gaetan Lefebvre.  Pat Burns, the Canadiens' coach, stopped Lefebvre from going on the ice to teach Lemieux a lesson about diving.  According to the English translation of the article, Carbo said there was a time in his playing career when diving was popular but he never dared to question his teammates' dives and that the onus was on team management to enforce rules about diving.  When Guy became coach, he imposed no such limit but did speak to players such as Maxim Lapierre.  He did not think Lapierre was a diver, but that he talked too much and had to focus more on what he had to do on the ice.  (La Presse)
  • The team led by Guy has managed the Chicoutimi Sagueneens since the summer of 2000.  This past spring, the city of Saguenay issued a tender to see if any new managers would come forward.  Five groups came forward, showing interest to obtain management of the Sags.  After a process that lasted several months, the team led by ex-Sagueneens player Pierre-Marc Bouchard was successful, signing an agreement to lead the team for seven years.  (RDS)
  • And as an entirely personal aside, after four years of owning them I finally found a way to display my game-worn Carbonneau skates!  These prized items in my collection were just sitting on the floor while other useless junk was taking up precious wall space.  Ridiculous.  Anyway, I devised a way to hang them using cornice hooks from the hardware store and this is the end result.  Very pleased!  (These L-shaped hooks are also great for hanging game-used sticks, by the way.)  Also, I received an income tax receipt for the alumni game I attended on November 10, since the ticket purchase was a charitable donation.  What, I got to meet my hero and write it off on my income tax?  Is this real life?

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