Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Some new finds

I wanted to post about some rare items I added to my collection in the past months.  The first is a signed photo of Guy with the AHL Nova Scotia Voyageurs, ca. 1980-82:

It's authentic vintage -- anyone familiar with Carbo autographs knows that Guy stopped signing his first name fairly early on in his career, opting instead for just "Carbonneau" with his number 21.  (Incidentally, he wore number 10 with the Vees, which may be prophetic as it is the number his son-in-law Brenden Morrow also wears with the Dallas Stars.)  And it has the old-school "This paper manufactured by Kodak" imprint on the back.  Here it is on display in my office:

The second, picked up more recently, is a brochure for Ferland hockey equipment; featuring Guy, Chris Nilan, and Lucien DeBlois.

Also, if you search Guy on eBay, you'll find a treasure trove of vintage game photos.  Here is one of Guy with the St. Louis Blues, ca. 1994.

(photo credit:  eBay)

And while I'm on this memorabilia stream of consciousness, allow me to share this photo I found on Facebook (can't quite remember where) of Guy signing a glove.  I think it's fantastic.

(photo credit:  Facebook)

That is all.  As you were.

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