Wednesday, 25 April 2012

This is a post about jerseys. (And skates.)

One of the things I always wondered about as a Carbo fan is where his last NHL jersey ended up.  It's a white Dallas Stars jersey, with NHL2000 and 2000 Stanley Cup Final patches, which he wore during his final game on June 10, 2000.  Tonight I had the opportunity to ask Barry Meisel of the MeiGray Group about it.  He replied to me that MeiGray did market the Stars' 2000 Finals jerseys...but the Stars retained Guy's jersey.  Likely it was given to him.  And now we know.  :)

Guy in his final jersey.  (screenshot)

Now, in my previous post I mentioned that I had photomatched my own Carbonneau game-worn jersey.  Out of some belief that the jersey brings the Senators luck, I have been wearing it for all games during their series with the New York Rangers.  I'm three for six in it, and who knows how Game 7 will go.  Anyway...during one of the games I noticed that a tiny green thread was sewn into the "T" in "Stars" on the jersey crest.  I said to myself that if I could find photos of Guy from 1995-96, it would be an easy match.  So during intermission I looked at the hockey cards I had from that year, and voila!

Click to enlarge -- the image of the 1995-96 Upper Deck card is from

And as a bonus, here are my photomatched 1982-83 Carbonneau rookie skates.

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