Sunday, 1 April 2012

Some notes.

First off, my sixteen-year-old Carbo gamer had the chance to be worn in an NHL arena again!  Though the Stars weren't in the game, I wore it for luck at last Saturday's Senators vs. Penguins game, despite a later admonishment on Twitter of a similar fan to "keep the Carbonneau gear at home."  The jersey brought my Sens fantastic luck -- they had an 8-4 win against the Pens. 

Guy had another Twitter chat last week as well.  @kyleroussel moderated this time, and among the things we learned:  Guy has had no advice for his son-in-law Brenden Morrow, who has struggled this season.  He stated that any advice he had for Brenden, he gave during the season the two played together in Dallas (1999-2000, which was also Carbo's last season as a player).  Also, though Guy enjoys the Beatles, he prefers the Stones!

I would also like to thank Guy for taking a photo with a friend of mine at last night's Habs/Caps game in Washington -- even though said friend was in Caps gear!  Guy was apparently there as part of the Delissio On The Road With a Legend contest, and my friend Kit spotted him and asked for a photo, which he kindly obliged.  It was a real thrill for her! 

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