Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Rivalries of years past, Selke news, and jewelry (yes, jewelry)

First of all, I found a fascinating read on the Vendredi Saint brawl of 28 years ago, which I previously blogged about here.  If you're interested at all in the Canadiens-Nordiques rivalry, you will find this an engaging read.  The article also links to news coverage from when the brawl happened, courtesy of the Google News Archive. The brawl, of course, is notable in Carbo lore because it began when Guy was shoved down to the ice by Dale Hunter as the second period of the game was ending.  The Habs went on to win the game, and the series.

In Selke Trophy news, Pavel Datsyuk is nominated for the fifth consecutive year, matching Guy's record (Guy was nominated every year from 1986 through 1990).  Patrice Bergeron is also nominated, and if he were to win, he would be the first Quebecois Selke winner since Guy won it in 1991-92.

I'm also going to use this post to show off a piece of Carbo-related jewelry:

This is my Carbonneau talisman, if you will.  The 21 pendant was a gift from my friend Kristin, years ago -- it is custom made.  It is paired with a heart locket, inside of which is a tiny piece of white thread.  The thread is from Guy's stick tape; in the early days at least, Carbo had a superstitious aversion to anything in the color black when playing.  He even used white tape on his sticks.  I'm rather shy about sharing anything that I deem to be silly or "fangirlish" on this blog -- but to me, the necklace makes sense, because it is a reminder to me to give 100 percent to anything I do in my daily life, as Guy did.

In the next post:  a jersey photomatch!  Yes, I matched my jersey to a photo of Guy wearing it.  Details to come.

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