Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Collecting Carbonneau: 2012 version

Many years ago, Diane Lau compiled a list of her favorite Carbonneau items.  Of course I collect too, and have for years.  I thought it would be fun to post my own list.  My top ten:

1.  1995-96 game-worn Dallas road jersey, autographed on back number  

It took me a good four years to acquire a Carbo gamer, but once I finally had it in my hands, I realized that it was well worth the wait.  The jersey is absolutely beautiful.

2.  1982-83 (Guy's rookie year) game-worn CCM Super Tacks, photomatched

These were my serendipitous eBay purchase.  Never thought I'd actually win them, but when I did, I was elated.  I was even more elated when I photomatched them to Carbo's 1982-83 Steinberg rookie card.  

3.  Signed photo, inscribed to me and my fiance Erik

For our first anniversary, Erik wrote to Guy c/o Hockey Night in Canada (where Guy was working at the time, doing analysis during Habs games) and asked him if he would sign a photo as a gift to me.  A few weeks later, the photo came back inscribed to both of us.

4.  1986-87 Kraft Drawings poster print

This was a mail-in offer from Kraft Foods -- Kraft issued a series of hockey cards featuring drawings of various players.  You could mail in proofs of purchase and receive a large poster print of the drawing of your choice.  My Carbo print is by sports artist Jerry Hersh, and it is beautiful.  

5.  ca. 2006-2009 signed business card

My friend Alice got this for me.  It's one of Guy's business cards from his tenure as Canadiens coach, signed. A nice souvenir of Carbo's coaching career.

6.  Video of June 3, 1998 Dallas vs. Detroit playoff game, featuring Guy's famous Shift

This is on Diane's list, and it is also on mine, because the play is truly amazing.  For the "Bring Home a Stanley Cup Champion" contest last year, I described this shift as my favorite Stanley Cup playoff moment.

7.  My two Carbo game-used hockey sticks

One is a Canadien model from very early in Guy's career, the other an Artis from later on.  Both cherished by me.  Everyone I show them to comments on how short they are -- Guy himself said recently that his current sticks are the longest he's used.

8.  Nescafe coffee mug

I searched high and low for one of these.  The likeness of Guy on the mug isn't even that great, but the mere idea was too much for me to resist.

9.  1988-89 Kraft growth chart

Another mail-in from Kraft foods.  I also have the original mailing tube, on which is taped the order form -- the original owner ordered the wrong player and corrected herself in French:  "Je m'excuse."  The important thing here is that I have a six-foot-tall Carbonneau on my office door.

10.  1989 Provigo figurine

Until McFarlane Toys releases a Carbo figurine (pretty please?) this will have to do.  It's tiny and ridiculous, but the likeness is good, and that's what matters.


And my wish list:

Game-used helmet

Doesn't matter from what team.  I just think player lids are incredibly cool.

"Mere Players" tape from the Ken Dryden's Home Game series

This is on Diane's list of essential Carbo collectibles, and I'm not sure why it continues to elude me, but it does.

Package from Habs jersey retirement (not yet available)

In recent years, the Canadiens have put out wonderful packages when players' jerseys are retired.  A folder, a miniature banner, and an art print courtesy of Le Journal de Montreal.

The chance to speak with Guy

Diane got this opportunity, in 2000 in Dallas.  I haven't yet, though I did meet Guy very briefly in 2008.  

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