Friday, 23 March 2012

Carbo via Twitter and a memorabilia find

Last night, Carbo did his live Twitter interview, via Dove Men+Care and  I'll admit to being rather thrilled when my question was the first one he answered!  I asked what he would have done for a living had he not been able to pursue a career in hockey, and he replied "Probably an electrician."  Who knew!  It was a blast and I want to thank Guy for being so generous to do this, as well as everyone else involved for making it possible.

Also, my daily eBay search has found this gem.  I already have a Carbonneau Artis stick, but hopefully this goes go to a loving home as it is a real beauty.  Any Artis of Guy's is a treasure!

Finally, Dove has posted Carbo's Real Man Challenge training videos here.  In French with English subtitles, the videos give us an amusing peek at Guy getting ready to do battle with Wendel Clark.

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