Thursday, 1 March 2012

Carbo in a charity game & a serious off-topic aside

On Sunday, March 4, Guy will be participating in the first edition of the CKOI Face to Face celebrity hockey tournament, presented by Ford.  Two teams of Quebec personalities from different backgrounds will compete in a hockey game at the Bell Centre, benefiting the Montreal Canadiens Children's Foundation.  The goal is to attract 10,000 spectators, and in addition to donations and proceeds from ticket sales, Ford of Canada will make a donation equivalent to the number of people present, as well as $5,000 donated in the name of the winning team.

The fun starts at 1 PM at the Bell Centre.  Tickets are $7.50, taxes included, and more information can be found  here.


Also, if I may stray off-topic for a moment:  It has been mentioned before on this blog that while I am a big fan of Guy Carbonneau, I am also in fact an Ottawa Senators fan.  

I was dismayed by this morning's article in the Ottawa Citizen which quotes team president Cyril Leeder as saying that if the government of Ontario scraps a tax writeoff for businesses' sports ticket purchases, the future of the team may be placed in doubt.  It seems that this planned scrapping of the tax writeoff was planned with Toronto sports franchises in mind -- large-market teams such as the Maple Leafs would survive without the writeoff, while smaller market teams like the Senators would not.  

Even if you are a Leafs or Habs fan and hate the Sens, the loss of such a rivalry between teams would be enormous.  If you are in Ontario and are concerned about this, as I am, I urge you to contact your local MPP and make your voice heard.  Thank you.   

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