Friday, 24 February 2012

Carbo on Dallas' decline

As other Texas sports franchises play well into the postseason, it seems that the Dallas Stars have been forgotten by their city since their last playoff appearance in 2008.  Carbo, of course, is a longtime fan favorite in Dallas, so much that in 2000, when he retired, a petition circulated to retire his number 21.  (A moratorium was placed on it being worn the following season.)  Guy weighs in on the decline and on general manager Joe Nieuwendyk:

"The lockout really hurt the franchise," says Guy Carbonneau, who played on the '99 Cup champion and later served as Stars assistant GM. He is also the father-in-law of Dallas captain Brenden Morrow. "The city's attitude is about winning. There's always going to be football, but then the baseball team started to win and the basketball team won a championship. You're also going up against colleges and high schools, and too many people went off to spend their money elsewhere.
"Joe's done an unbelievable job under the circumstances. They've drafted pretty well. They have lots of players that they drafted on the roster. (Of the 23 that were available to face the Canadiens Tuesday night, nine were Stars draftees.) If they keep putting together a solid team and maybe have a long playoff run, I think fans will start coming back to them."  (Sports Illustrated)

(photo by Brad Amodeo)

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