Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Some updates.

Carbo had some kind words about this year's Hockey Hall of Fame inductees:

What's it like to be here this weekend to help honor two of your ex-teammates (Belfour and Nieuwendyk) that you went through so much with?
"It's unbelievable. I always say you make a lot of friends just by playing hockey but probably your best friends will always be the players you won the Cup with. I remember '86, '93 and '99 was a great season for everybody. Having a chance to play against all four guys that are inducted, and especially with Joe and Eddie in '99, it's a thrill."
What was it like to go against Gilmour in those Montreal-Toronto rivalry games?
"He was a great competitor. He was a lot more offensive than I was, but we played the same style. Neither of us wanted to give an inch and those are great memories. Any time you play against a great competitor makes you raise your game a little bit and that's what I always enjoyed."  (nhl.com)

It is also time for another State of the 'Stache report!

Guy showing off his moustache at the Playground Poker Club in Montreal recently.  (image credit:  Playground Poker Club)

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