Monday, 24 October 2011

Hockey figurines

May I use my blog space for a moment to lament the lack of a Carbo McFarlane figurine?  This annoys me supremely because many of Guy's contemporaries from that era have had figurines made (the latest being Wendel Clark).  Carbo may not have been a superstar, but he was still one of the most recognizable players from that time!  The other option is to make a custom figurine which I may try my hand at someday (someone did make a Carbonneau custom once, but that has since disappeared online).

Unfortunately, figurines just didn't exist during Guy's playing career.  The closest were the Kenner Starting Lineups.  However, Provigo (a supermarket chain in Quebec) did a series of Canadiens figurines in 1989 and I own the Carbo figurine:

There he is on my shelf, along with a few other Carbo things.  The resemblance is striking -- they certainly got the nose right. 

Still, this doesn't excuse you, McFarlane Toys.  Get with the program!

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