Friday, 21 October 2011

Guy, the foodie

Interesting little comment in this interview with Brett Hull.  Hull, of course, is the current VP of the Dallas Stars and was Carbo's teammate in St. Louis and Dallas.  

"When I came here to Dallas, Guy Carbonneau and I would try to find what each city considered to be its best restaurant. You know a lot of guys had their own places they'd like to go, some would go to Hooters or an Italian place. But, Guy and I would go to the absolute best restaurant we could find. And we did that in almost every city."

There you go.  Carbo's love of wine is well-known, but who knew he is also a foodie!  Not only that, but he's had a dish named after him as well:

(image credit:  Diane Lau's former hockey blog, Hockey Snacks)

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