Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Carbo on the current Dallas team

While in Dallas for the 2011 Alumni Classic Weekend, Guy was asked his thoughts on the current state of the Dallas Stars and their chances for bringing another Stanley Cup home.

"It's hard to say [if this is a playoff team or not]. I think last year, they were right there," he said. "They win one game and they would have been in the playoff. They've got more experience this year and a little more depth. But you look around the league and a couple of injuries here and there and you can be out of the playoffs. You look at all 30 teams and you can probably pick one or two teams that are guaranteed to make the playoffs. There are maybe one, two or three guaranteed not to make the playoffs but every in between can be a surprise."

One thing he can declare is that the club is in good hands with a former Stars teammate in Joe Nieuwendyk calling the shots as the Dallas General Manager.

"Newy having been an ex-player and especially a player who played here, he learned the trade the right way," Carbonneau said. "He has a good relationship with the players. I think he wants to bring that family aspect to the team but you've got to still remember that it's a business. So far, the team has done good. They're getting better. They've got really young players. It's just a matter of keeping them together."  (Fox Sports Southwest)

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