Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Stairwells and sherseys

Two things, probably not of a whole lot of note except to me.

Diane Lau, webmaster of that most wonderful of Carbo sites, has given me permission to post this photo of the stairwell in her house.

That's her photomatched 1984-85 home Canadiens game-worn jersey, and an Artis game-used stick circa 1988, which happens to also be inscribed by Guy!  What a lovely display.  Thanks, Diane!

In merchandise news, player t-shirts (also known in the hockey world as "sherseys") have become quite popular.  Carbo has a Habs player t-shirt that has been widely available for quite some time.  But I have never seen a Dallas Stars one...until now.

if you're in the Dallas area, head on down to the Stars pro shop at the American Airlines Center for one of these babies.  Carbo's time with the Stars was important and special in his career, so it's nice that Dallas also gets its Carbo shersey due.  (photo credit:  Twitter/AshlyStar)


  1. Thanks for featuring La Sainte Flanelle, Lisa! She is my pride and joy. I'm so out of the loop I didn't know about the advent of sherseys. I'm off to see if there is one for Jonathan Toewes, who IMHO is Guy's "spiritual successor." Not that there could ever be another Guy!

  2. She would be my pride and joy too! Wonderful, wonderful jersey. Thank you once again for allowing me to feature her here.