Monday, 26 September 2011

Hello and welcome.

I've been a Carbo fan for going on four years now, and the idea to start this blog came into my head several times.  Surely there are others like me who like to keep apprised of his doings?  Hence, this blog.  The main, undisputed source for information on Guy Carbonneau is and always shall be Diane Lau's formidable website; this blog merely exists as a companion, with current info.

A special welcome to Carbo's many admirers from Quebec; while I have second-level French, this blog will exist for the time being in English only.

so let's start with a news roundup, shall we:

  • on October 2 at the Dr. Pepper Stars Arena in Frisco, Texas, Carbo will be playing in the first annual Dallas Stars Alumni Classic.  any Stars fan would be crazy to miss this event, as it includes many players from the '99 championship team.  however, it is open to Stars season ticket holders only.  (
  • there's a nice sidebar about Carbo in this article about his son-in-law Brenden Morrow here.
  • on September 25 (that would be yesterday), Carbo attended the opening of the Pat Burns Arena in Quebec's Eastern Townships.  he participated in an alumni game and presented a sweater to Burns' widow, Line.  (

(Guy, Line Burns, and Patrice Brisebois; photo credit, Le Reflet Du Lac)

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