Thursday, 29 September 2011

Carbo speaks out against counterfeit jerseys

With the popularity of sports merchandise, the advent of counterfeit jerseys.  The Montreal Canadiens and Reebok have joined forces to educate consumers on the difference between real jerseys and fake.  Carbo is the face of the new program; to be seen online, in arenas, in print, and on the radio.

“Travel a little and you see fake purses, shoes and watches,” Carbonneau said at a Bell Centre news conference on Thursday. “It was just a matter of time before hockey jerseys became a big, illegal business.”
Carbonneau looked in game-shape Thursday wearing his captain’s C-branded, nameplated No. 21 as he recalled the days of his youth when a Canadiens sweater was almost the expected annual gift beneath the Christmas tree.
“I remember practising outdoors all those days in a Habs jersey and you’d pretend you were Maurice Richard or Jean Beliveau,” he said.
“With this campaign, I’d like Canadiens fans to avoid being victims. We’re not going to stop people from buying counterfeit jerseys, that’s their prerogative. But we’d like to inform those people that the $200 or more they spend isn’t buying the real thing.” (Montreal Gazette)

(photo credit:  Montreal Gazette)

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  1. I agree with the article and I really admire how rebook and other big companies eradicate these fakes and counterfeit products. As a consumer, I'd rather buy Original apparels rather than buying counterfeit products that will only last for how many months or even days. Let's support original Jerseys and other products.